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Get to Know Frances


Frances Scharli is a dedicated public servant with a lifelong commitment to community. Frances has been proud to call Southlake home for the past 26 years.


Raised on a dairy farm, Frances was taught the value of hard work at a young age. Whether working on the family farm or as a bookkeeper to put herself through college, Frances has never been one to shy away from a challenge.


Frances earned her undergraduate degree with a double major from California State College, Stanislaus before going on to receive two master's degrees in education, one from California Lutheran College, and the other from California State College, Los Angeles.

Frances taught school in various grades, specializing in regular and special education. Frances's dedication to education extended to her service as a resource specialist, teacher trainer, and administrator. Frances helped give back by training new generations of leaders to think independently, dream big, and strive for excellence. But her contributions to the community have continued far beyond the school doors.


Frances's extensive involvement in civic affairs is demonstrated through her decade-long service on various Southlake City Boards and Commissions, including appointments to the Parks and Recreation Board, Southlake Parks and Development Corporation, the 2035 Corridor Committee and Joint Utilization Committee. Her leadership roles as Secretary, Vice-Chair, and ultimately Chair of the Parks and Recreation Board underscore her commitment to Southlake.


Frances also brings a wealth of experience from her other volunteer roles, such as graduating from the Southlake Citizens Academy, supporting the Carroll Independent School District as a volunteer, and contributing to boards that supported her children's sports teams.


Frances's vision for the City Council position emphasizes responsible spending, maintaining low property taxes, supporting public safety, ensuring safe schools, and fostering low-density development. She aims to continue the tradition of excellence in Southlake while actively engaging with businesses, recruiting new enterprises, and sustaining the city's vibrant environment.


In her personal life, Frances attends White's Chapel Methodist Church in Southlake, where she has been an active member for over two decades. Married to Craig Sturtevant for 41 years, Frances and Craig have two children, both Dragon graduates and now successful professionals in the fields of biochemistry and law.


With a comprehensive understanding of Southlake's dynamics, a proven track record in civic leadership, and a commitment to the community's values, Frances Scharli stands uniquely qualified to contribute to the Southlake City Council. Her dedication, experience, and vision position her as a candidate ready to hit the ground running and continue making a positive impact on the community she calls home.


  • Southlake Parks and Recreation Board

    • 2013-2024, 2019-2024 (Chair)

  • Southlake Parks and Development Corporation

    • August 2019 – January 2024 (Secretary)

  • 2035 Corridor Committee (aka State Highway 114 Corridor Task Force)

    • June 2015 – January 2024 (Board Member)

  • Southlake Joint Utilization Committee

    • September 2006 - April 2011 (Board Member)


  • Southlake Citizens Academy Graduate

  • Southlake Executive Forum Member

  • Administrator, Pastor Bible Study, White’s Chapel Methodist Church, Southlake

  • White’s Chapel Methodist Church Finance Committee and Administrative Board Member

  • Former Treasurer, White’s Chapel Methodist Church, Southlake

  • CISD Volunteer

  • Girl Scout Brownie Leader

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