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Vision & Goals

a bright Southlake future
Filling Out Tax Form


Responsible and effective spending and budgeting is crucial for fostering future economic success and maintaining low property taxes. I will be a strong voice for transparency and accountability in all economic matters, keeping taxes low with responsible spending.

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Public Safety

Ensuring the safety of our community is one of my top priorities, which is why I will always support efforts to see that our law enforcement and first responders receive the funding and backing they need. I will also be a tireless advocate FOR enhanced safety in our schools, including maintaining financial support for School Resource Officers (SRO). 


Low Density Development

I will work to ensure Southlake remains the best place to live and raise a family in all of Texas by linking future development to the current land use plan and supporting low density development.


Economic Development

I will work to maintain and improve Southlake's vibrant business community by helping build an environment in which businesses can thrive. I will work alongside leadership to continue to attract and recruit new quality business development in Southlake.

Green Park

Parks & Recreation

I will be a strong advocate for keeping Southlake beautiful and family-friendly by maintaining our beautiful parks and public spaces and continuing to offer ample recreation opportunities for all ages in the community.

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Accountable Leadership

I will serve with the utmost commitment to integrity and accountability. I love this community, and I will serve with integrity and determination to preserve and protect our Southlake tradition of excellence.

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Protect the Southlake Tradition of Excellence

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